"One Stop shop for Polywood Shutters, Wood Shutters, Vinyl Shutters, Plantation Shutters and all your interior window shutter needs." California Shutters, Traditional Shutters and All Shutter Sizes in between.

Here are the key points you need to know to determine IF the shutters you are looking to buy are actually worth their asking price:

  1. Reinforced Aluminum throughout major stress points 

  2. Cellular Louvers for maximum insulation 

  3. Tension Control Pins to prevent from floppy louvers 

  4. High Quality Grade of Material for durability 

  5. Thick wall structure for strength 

  6. Choice of Frames and Multiple Louver size 

  7. Uniform, Rail, Panel and Stile sized for aesthetic consistency 

  8. Heavy Duty 3 leaf hinges to prevent wobbly panels 

  9. Solid Tilt bar mechanism and stapling system 

  10. Texture and/or Smooth Finish 

  11. Made from Recycled Components 

  12. Limited Lifetime guarantee


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